Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Solidity Language

EVM Part I: The ABCs of Ethereum Virtual Machine
A beginner-friendly quick-start guide to the Ethereum Virtual Machine and its working mechanisms.
EVM Part II: The Journey of Smart Contracts from Solidity code to Bytecode
An extensive guide to understanding bytecode, ABI, opcodes in ethereum smart contracts, and their execution by the Ethereum virtual machine.
Deciphering Visibility Specifiers in Solidity: From Basics to Optimizations to Security
Table of Contents The Fundamentals of Solidity visibility keywords Optimization Notes on Solidity Visibility Security Notes on Solidity Visibility Additional Notes One of the imperative parts while learning smart contract development with Solidity language is to get a good grasp on the visibili…
Visibility Specifiers in Solidity
Deciphering the dilemma around Upgradeable Smart Contracts
A quick article that will help you clear your dilemma about using upgradeable smart contracts and their use
Upgradeable Smart Contracts in Solidity
Deciphering Solidity: Does adding a PAYABLE keyword actually save GAS?
An interesting explanation behind the mysterious gas consumption in Payable & Non-Payable functions in Solidity
Payable keyword in Solidity
What exactly are ERC721 Token Standard & Fungibility of assets?
Simple and effective guide to understanding everything about ERC72, Funginbility and NFTs
Deciphering the ABCs of Blockchain
A simplified and extensive guide for beginners to understand the Blockchain technology