Decipher with Zaryab is an independent publication launched in 20th June 2022 by Zaryab Afser. It started out as a Linkedin newsletter with a family of 2000+ subscribers and now has its own home at zaryabs.com.

One liner statement

The publication specifically aims to help Web3 builders become better Smart Contract Developers with strong mental models around Web3 & Smart Contract Security.

The Bigger Picture

With its curated and simplified technical (and sometimes non-technical) content, this publication aims to:

  • Help software developers easily start out with smart contract development.
  • Provide simplified content for some of the most complicated technical or non-technical topics in Web3.
  • Emphasize the significance and need for Smart Contract Security while developing smart contracts
  • Share well-evaluated mental models for writing better, optimized, and secure smart contracts.
  • Guide Web3 enthusiasts to become valuable Web3 contributors

About the author

Alright, let’s talk about Who am I and why would you listen to me?

I am the Blockchain/Smart Contracts Lead at Push Protocol where I design and develop the smart contracts as well as lead the technical team.

Additionally, I contribute my part towards Web3 security as a Smart Contract security auditor. As an auditor, I primarily specialize in performing thorough security reviews of smart contracts code, performing automated tests as well as preparing security audit reports documenting security flaws in a contract as well as recommendations on how to fix them

Find my publicly available Smart Contract Security reports HERE
Read about my Security Audit Methodology HERE
  • I work as a Smart Contract security consultant with firms like Immunebytes and Solidified and have previously worked as a Smart Contract auditor at Quillhash.

In a nutshell πŸ₯œ

I develop Smart Contracts

I conduct security audits on Smart Contracts

I create technical (and non-technical) content around Smart Contracts, Security, and Web3 world.

My Life revolves around Smart Contracts

Web3 Events and Speeches

What do I speak about?

Educating the world about Web3 and sharing my knowledge about Smart Contracts, Security, and Blockchain technology have been an imperative part of my life since 2017.

One of the ways I contribute my part towards expanding the boundaries of Web3 is through my Web3 technical sessions & speeches for students, developers as well professionals.

I have spoken about the following in my speeches so far:

  • Web3 - Its origin and its TRUE Vision πŸ§—πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
  • Smart Contract and Blockchain 101 πŸ“’
  • In-depth Tech Talk on Smart Contract Development πŸ’»
  • Decentralized Finance πŸ’°
  • Tech-Talks on Smart Contract Security πŸ”
  • Smart Contract Audit industry and Working Mechanisms πŸ“
  • Developer guides to write Better Smart Contracts, etc πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

What's in it for YOU?

If you are someone who:

  • Strives to be a better smart contract developer
  • Become a valuable contributor to the Web3 space
  • Understand the significance of having mental models for being productive as a Developer
  • Loves simplified, curated, and well-researched content that gives you the 'AHA' moments

This publication is for you.

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